Hey there, great to e-meet you. My name is Thomas, I’m the writer behind this site.

I’m also a musician and sound engineer by profession, and it’s those two things that fuelled my interest in and expertise in soundproofing. 

A couple of years ago I decided to build a home studio to work on my music, and help others by mixing and mastering their work. 

The problem? Well, at that time, me and my family lived in a semi-detached house, with only a single wall dividing us from another family and their home. Yes, we would hear them occasionally, of course but it didn’t bother me as much. My kids were small at that time, and the house was full of joyful noise that masked any sounds from next door. 

But with the addition of a small recording and mastering studio in one of the bedrooms, I had to ensure that my work wouldn’t bother my neighbors. 

And so, my experience with soundproofing, sound dampening, and sound absorption began. 

Over time, many friends and neighbors have also come to me for advice regarding soundproofing their homes. Eventually, I decided to share my knowledge with others too, and asoundproofhouse.com was born. 

My goal for this site is simple – To help you, a homeowner or resident, frustrated by noises seeping into your apartment or house, to soundproof the place and regain tranquility once more. 

I also created a separate part of this site for musicians and music producers like myself. If you’re looking to set up a home studio and want to learn how to prevent sounds from the outside from interfering with your recordings AND want to ensure that your work does not disturb your family and neighbors, that section is for you.